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Heating Systems

Portable heaters are generally small units designed to be moved around. They supply almost instant heat but only for small areas such as a study or bedroom...
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Leak Repair

Is your drain blocked? Early detection of a blocked drain can drastically reduce the work involved for a plumber to unblock and clear it, saving you money...
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Are you tired of holding down the handle for 10 minutes just to get your toilet to flush? Or, have the unsightly cracks in the porcelain finally annoyed you long enough?...
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Air conditioning

This is a very involved task and requires experienced trades people to complete to a high standard. ..
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Water heater

If you own a house, you own a water heater. You probably don't spend much time thinking abou­t the water heater until, one morning, you go to take a shower and there's no hot water...
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Drain cleaning

When it comes to your sewer and drain cleaning needs, Flushing is ready to respond. We can diagnose your slow or clogged drain...
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