Hot water circulator


A hot water circulator system is the complete integrated installation of one or more heaters including the cylinder and all the associated plumbing to supply the heated water to the outlets where it is required.

The services that we provide include repair, or if necessary, the installation of all brands of heaters. Not everyone is aware, but the manufacturer's life expectancy on a storage type cylinder is generally less than ten years.

Hot water circulator tend to split when water pressure is at its highest in the early hours of the morning, often forcing customers to pay a plumber emergency rates to disconnect the system and then return to replace it, as well as causing severe damage to the carpet and other items in the apartment. Bad cases can also result in water flowing through concrete slabs and under walls into other apartments and common areas. It is essential that a tray with a drain or a Terminator valve be installed by a plumber with all new hot water systems to minimize the water damage caused in the event that the hot water cylinder does leak and/or split.

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