Water heater


If you own a house, you own a water heater. You probably don't spend much time thinking abou­t the water heater until, one morning, you go to take a shower and there's no hot water. Then you probably think about it a lot.
And if you're the curious sort, the following water-heater question may have crossed your mind: "How can the water stay hot if cold water comes in as soon as you start using the hot water?"
Flushing Plumbing and  Heatinginnovative heat pump water heaters will:

  • save you 75% on hot water energy costs
  • provide you the benefits of solar energy without unsightly solar panels
  • give you attractive government rebates
  • reduce your greenhouse emissions
  • have a long life span thanks to their stainless steel water tank

Gravity fed hot water systems are non-pressurized tanks located in the roof space. They were common before mains-pressure systems became popular some decades ago. They are still available. Some solar hot water systems are also available with gravity fed storage tank.

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